In order to receive assistance with accommodation, you should contact our Erasmus Office as soon as possible. Any requests concerning accommodation reported after 15th July (for the first semester or the whole year) and after 30th November (for the second semester) might not be met due to a limited number of vacancies. In case you have problems with finding accommodation, your ‘guardian angel’ will provide you with necessary information and help you find a suitable place to stay.


University dormitories the number of places is limited. There are single, double or triple rooms available. The code of conduct is rather strict (e.g. the exit is closed at 11 p.m., no overnight visits are allowed). It is possible to have the Internet connection in the room. There are only single-sex dormitories available:


  • The female dormitory is located approx. 15 minutes by bus from the city centre, near the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health and KUL’s Sports Centre.


  • The male dormitory is located approx. 15 minutes on foot from the university.


Price List


Please contact our Erasmus+ Office as soon as possible to have your room booked. Important! In case you decide to stay in the university dormitory and then resign at the beginning of a month, you will be charged for this month.


Private dormitories - there are several options available. You will find them listed below:






In order to book a room, you should contact the chosen dormitory as soon as possible (by e-mail / phone).


Private flats - there is also a possibility of renting a room or a flat in different parts of the city. The prices range from EUR 90 to EUR 200 per month depending on the standard, location and distance from the university. If you want to find private accommodation, your Guardian Angel will help you to look for it.


There are more and more students every year in Lublin, so it is strongly advised to come some time in advance in order to find a suitable place.

If you need a temporary accommodation, contact the Erasmus Office and you will receive addresses of cheap hostels and hotels.


Important: please remember to find out about all the conditions and fees; you are also responsible for keeping your place in order. If you want to organize a party, please keep in mind that your neighbours may not like it! In Poland there are quiet hours from 10 pm till 6 am – no loud music or noises allowed. If you damage something, you will have to repair it or buy a new one. Your neighbours can call the police if you behave in an unsuitable way – you might end up in the police station or with a fine. Our university will not bear any responsibility for any problems that may occur during your stay at a private dormitory / private flat.