Paweł Nowak, Hab. Ph.D., Professor KUL

Head of the Chair of Media Language and Social Communication

Paweł Nowak is a linguist and a communicologist, a lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, a language and communicational expert in lawsuits and prosecutions. He is a language consultant at recent television campaigns prior to the local, parliamentary and presidential elections.

The author and co-author of multiple publications including ,,Manipulacja w języku” (Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin 2004) and ,,O sztuce publicznego występowania i komunikacji społecznej’’ (Wydawnictwo Wszechnicy Polskiej i EFS, Warszawa 2007), he is a renowned and experienced lecturer, a mass and interpersonal communication trainer, he has worked as a trainer in rhetoric and linguistic pragmatics.


Olga Białek-Szwed, Ph.D., is an assistant at the Chair of Media Language and Social Communication.

Since 13 July 1998 she holds an M.A. in Polish Philology (UMCS Lublin, Faculty of Humanities, Polish Philology). Since 25 June 2010 she has a Ph.D. in Political Science (UMCS, Faculty of Political Science).

Her roles at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication include: a member of a program committee, a head of press specialization, a tutor of the journalistic lab, a coordinator of the KUL and “Kurier Lubelski” press school (since 2013), a theses reviewer, in 2012-2014 a tutor of Masters studies. In 2012-2014 she was a lecturer at journalistic workshops for pupils of gymnasium schools “Stephanianum”.


Wojciech Wciseł, Ph.D., is an adjunct at the Chair of Media Language and Social Communication.

In 2005-2010 he conducted his Ph.D. studies at KUL, Faculty of Theology, specialization: Media Education. He received his Ph.D. with the thesis “Volunteering and charity in media of Lublin region after 1989”.

His research interests include image of foreigners in media, media dimension of migration and exile, social activity in media, volunteerism, charity events, mass-media, charity, media presentations, NGOs in media, PR in NGOs, social campaigns, multiculturalism.

Other research interests focus on interpersonal communication, intercultural education, Law on volunteerism and public benefit, motivation and creating voluntary programs, methods of project work and group work, writing and conducting projects. In 2009 he became a certified interpersonal communication trainer.

He is the author of articles and publications, a project manager and a leader of research projects on relationships between media and NGOs, between immigration and volunteerism. He conducted international projects in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He is a Deputy President of the Volunteer Centre. Since 2008 he has been associated with the Global Solidarity Association, as the author and a coordinator of the association’s projects, he is responsible for maintaining relationships with media, organizing press conferences and promotional events at the association. He is the co-author of radio and television programs for promoting multiculturalism and integration of foreigners. He is a member of the KUL Expert Team, a radio journalist, since 2011 he has run his own radio show “Pasja Życia” at the eR Radio Lublin. He loves mountain hiking, sports and participating in mass sport events.


Katarzyna Magdalena Drop, M.A. is an assistant at the Chair of Media Language and Social Communication.

She is a graduate of the Journalism and Social Communication at the Faculty of Humanities, UMCS and postgraduate studies in Public relations and Advertising; an assistant editor in a science magazine „Polish Journal of Public Health”; a journalist; a court mediator; a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw; a member of the Polish Communication Association, Polish Media Association and Association of Employers and Graduates; a tutor of student internships at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication. Courses taught: Psychology of Social Communication, Public relations, Advertising, Press reading, Press workshops, Publishing, Creative writing workshops at the Faculty of Theology at KUL.



Research themes at the Chair of Media Language and Social Communication focus on media and social communication, at large. This work is highlighted through individual perspectives of the staff members:

Paweł Nowak, Hab. Ph.D., Professor KUL, examines language in media and social communication, he is particularly interested in intentionality and effectiveness of social communication. He publishes on semantics and pragmatics of rock music lyrics and sports broadcasting.

Olga Białek-Szwed, Ph.D., explores the contemporary mass press in Poland, mechanisms of press tabloidization, voyeurism and media exhibitionism; populism and naturalism in the press. She also looks at specifics of the vocabulary in contemporary Polish press, sociolects and professionalisms.

Wojciech Wciseł, Ph.D., studies the fate of national minorities and emigrants in Polish media. He particularly focuses on media representation of foreigners, that is an image created by journalists and therefore recreated by recipients.

Katarzyna Drop, M.A., studies the youth press until 1989 and social issues during the Polish People’s Republic era. She also explores the effective doctor-patient communication.