Classical Philology Institute offers a particular range of studies:

  1. Classical Philology - 3 - year  full-time primary degrees (BA),
  2. Classical Philology - 2 - year full-time master degrees (MA),
  3. Classical Philology - 4 - year full-time and part-time doctoral studies (PhD).



Classical Philology-5 - year full-time master degrees (MA) (now finishing out) 

5 - year full-time master degrees (MA) continue those students, who started learning before the academic year 2007/08, when this kind of studies was replaced by the 3-year primary degrees and 2-year master degrees.



Classical Philology - 3 -year full-time primary degrees (BA)


Recruitment from the academic year 2007/08. Studing lasts 6 semesters (3 years) and comprises of 2310 hours of learning in the scope of:

-Intensive learning of Latin and Ancient Greek from scratch (grammar and vocabulary), 

-Intensive course in linguistics (phonology, morphology, and syntax of Latin and Ancient Greek languages), history of classical languages and basic knowledge on linguistic terminology.

-Seminars and lectures on classical literature: Latin and Greek (from the Archaic times to the Renaissance). 

-Lectures on Ancient Latin and Greek history and culture. 

Students who graduate from the 3-year full-time primary degrees (BA) are proposed to continue their studies in 2-year full-time master degrees.


Classical Philology- 2-year full-time master degrees (MA)

Recruitment from the academic year 2010/11. Studing lasts 4 semesters (2 years) and comprises of 900 hours of learning.