Institute of Classical Studies

The structure of Institute of Classical Studies is based on 7 autonomous Departments. Independent research workers form the Council of Institute. There is also a Director who is in charge of the whole Institute and each Department as well.

Director: Rev. Tadeusz Gacia, Hab. PhD, Professor of KUL
Secretary: Monika Malec, MA


Institute of Classical Studies executes the plan of humanities within the scope of Classics. Conducted research focuses on Greek and Roman literature and language, and on the Ancient Greek/Roman culture and civilization which create the natural environment and background. Additionally, to the wide interests of the research workers within the Institute, there can be also included the literature of the Early Christian period and Latin artistic activity of the Renaissance and Modern Times. In general, the research conducted in the Institute of Classical Studies comprises:

  • Ancient Greek literature (Greek epic, ancient Greek drama and theatre, early Greek philosophical literature, ancient poetics and rhetoric, the Second Sophistic movement
  • Roman literature (Augustian poetry, Roman historiography)
  • Latin literature of the Middle-Ages, Renaissance and Modern Times
  • Old Christian literature (New Testament literature and Early Christian writers)
  • Ancient and general Linguistics

Because of the research workers' activity there are many publications, which are considered to be an original input to the development of ancient research. This is particularly seen with respect to the research on religious thinking of ancient writers, Christian literature, and New Testament language. Furthermore, the Institute puts a special emphasis on the translations of ancient and Early Christian literature.

Within the Institute there are full-time research workers as well as part-time workers such as: Helena Błazińska, MA (About the Institute)

(editor: Iwona Wieżel)