An ideal course for those who wish to acquire communicative language skills and broaden their knowledge of Polish history and culture. The classes are provided on basic, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on your choice. This option may best suit those who require the knowledge of Polish for academic or professional purposes. Our Participants should be able to master the Polish language sufficiently to begin university studies, undertake their own scientific research or work in Poland upon completion of the course.


  • 23-25 hours* a week in groups of no more than 10 to facilitate individual attention and active participation;
  • The course begins with a trip to 17th century city of Kazimierz Dolny, home to many Polish artists; in the mid-year break students go on a few days’ trip to an attractive town or region in Poland; at the end of the academic year there is a trip along the eastern border of Poland where Catholic, Byzantine and Jewish cultures create a unique mixture.




*in the Polish educational system one academic hour equals 45 minutes

Prices and application procedure


  • The tuition fee is 1290 EUR per semester/ 2550 EUR per year;
  • 1st semester: October – January;
  • 2nd semester: mid-February – June ;
  • The course fee includes course textbooks and the necessary teaching materials as well as plays, concerts and the trips;
  • Students are admitted for one semester or one year; there is a possibility to start your Polish course with no previous knowledge of the Polish language from the second semester;
  • The course fee must be paid in advance and after the payment is confirmed we send you an official letter of enrollment for visa purposes/ if, for whatever reason your visa is not granted, your payment is refundable, except for administrative fee of 50 EUR;
  • The accommodation in the University dormitory (twin-bedded room*) costs approx. 110 EUR per month.

      * it means you will have a roommate!

The online application form is available HERE

We currently accept applications for the next academic year 2021/2022 -
deadline for applications: September 30