Scientific research at the Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Landscape Architecture of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Discipline: mathematics
• mathematical modeling of real physical problems
• abstract measure theory
• construction of exact differential diagrams for equations of mathematical physics
• applied mathematics
• construction of the theory of monotonic algorithms for systems of equations of elliptic and parabolic type

Disciplines: computer and information sciences, information and communication technology
• computer graphics and image processing,
• artificial intelligence
• analysis and design of IT systems
• IT project management
• cryptography and its applications

Disciplines: architecture and urban planning and social and economic geography and spatial management (interdisciplinary research)
• Lublin ecosystem services
• rural public spaces - landscape, development and social functioning
• vitality of rural riverside areas, analysis of forms and ways of development of three lowland rivers
• gorges and dry valleys of the Lublin region

Disciplines: agriculture and horticulture and architecture and urban planning (interdisciplinary research)
• the role of urban vegetation, especially city parks and children's gardens, and their importance in the city's natural system
• studies and assessment of the sacred landscape of the Lublin region
• research on the perception of the urban landscape by urban residents
• woody plants of urban areas - impact on the environment and human health, selection of taxa

Disciplines: social and economic geography and spatial management as well as agriculture and horticulture (interdisciplinary research)
• standards of tree planting in the city center in the aspect of climate change on the example of Lublin and Lviv

Discipline: architecture and urban planning
• problems of revaluation of the historic landscape park in Klemensów
• evolution of the cultural landscape of the oldest part of Kraśnik
• transformation of the cultural landscape of the Lublin region (including the study of 19th century maps)
• contemporary directions of public space development in urban centers and villages of the Lublin region
• issues of providing access to forest areas for education and recreation (Arboretum in Janów Lubelski)
• aesthetics of public spaces
• selection and development of greenery in urban spaces
• architecture of the interwar period in the territory of the Second Polish Republic
• religious architecture
• national style
• figures of architects of the interwar period in the area of ​​the Second Polish Republic
• urban greenery systems, relations between: connectivity and use as well as ecological functioning
• urban festivals as part of the urban greenery system

Discipline: agriculture and horticulture
• relationships between aphids and host plants using EPG apparatus
• occurrence of aphids on plants and in urban areas
• role and structure of functional gardens in historical park assumptions

Discipline: biological sciences
• bison habitat preferences
• assessment of habitats for bison restitution