Grzegorz Dymek, PhD, Higher Lecturer

Current research: Limit theorems with random indices.

Wiesław Główczyński, PhD, Higher Lecturer

Fields of interest: The sequential topology, measures, submeasures on Boolean algebras.

Current research: Strictly positive functionals on Boolean algebras.

The main articles:

1. Główczyński, W., Measures on Boolean algebras., Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 111 (1991), 845-849;

2. Balcar B., Główczyński, W., Jech T., The sequential topology on complete Boolean algebras. Fund. Math.155 (1998), 59-78;

3. Główczyński W. Outer measure on Boolean algebras., Acta Univ. Carolin. Math. Phys., 49 (2008), 3-8.

The main articles: -

Contact: matwgl [at] kul.pl

Patrycja Jędrzejewska, MA, Assistant

Fields of interest: probability theory, martingales in Banach spaces

Current research:

1. Operator martingales.

2. Limiting properties of the Banach random walk.

International cooperation: -

Contact: patrycjaj [at] kul.pl

Zbigniew Pasternak-Winiarski, Associate Professor

Fields of interest:   Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, differential spaces, groupoids, Support Vector Machines, Polynomial-Normal distributions.

Current research:

1. Investigations of weighted Bergman kernels and weighted Szegö kernels.

2. Automatic recognition of handwritten documents by algorithms of Support Vector Machines.

3. Properties of groupoids and reproducing kernels on groupoids.

International cooperation:

1. (with P. Wójcicki) Weighted generalization of the Ramadanov theorem and further consideration, Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 68 (143) (2018), 829-842.

2. (with M. Drewnik) SVM kernel configuration and optimization for the handwritten digit recognition, in Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management, Proceedings of 16th IFIP TC8 International Conference, CISIM 2017 Białystok, June 16-18 2017, Lecture Notes In Computer Science, Springer 2017;

3. (with M. Burzyńska) Differential Groupoids, Journal of Mathematics and System Science vol. 5 (2015), str. 39-45.

Contact: z.pasternak.winiarski [at] gmail.com, pasternakwin [at] kul.pl

Kamil Powroźnik, PhD, Assistant

Fields of interest: probability theory, statistics, graph theory

Current research:

1. The density Turán problem for some graphs and hypergraphs.

2. Some distance properties of outerplanar graphs.

International cooperation: -

Contact: kamil.powroznik [at] kul.pl

Bruno Sadok, MA, Lecturer

Fields of interest: sequence spaces, Hausdorff dimension

Current research:

1. Research concerning Hausdorff dimensions of basins for probability measures in sequence spaces.

2. Examination of narrow basins consisting signals of identical limit sets of empirical measures.

International cooperation: Department of Mechanics and Mathematics Belarusian State University

Contact: bruno.bonitas [at] gmail.com

August Zapała, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Probability Theory and Statistics

Fields of interest: probability theory, probability distributions in infinite dimensional spaces, martingales in Banach spaces

Current research:

1. 0perator martingales.

2. Properties of limiting distributions of the Banach Random Walk.

International cooperation: (recent articles)

1. (with T. Banek) Random Walk in Balls and an Extension of the Banach Integral in Abstract Spaces,

Journal of Theoretical Probability, vol. 32, 2, (2019), pp. 586–607.

2. (with T. Banek, P. Jędrzejewska) Limit Distribution of the Banach Random Walk,

Journal of Theoretical Probability, vol. 32, 1, (2019), pp. 47–63.

Contact: august.zapala [at] gmail.com, azapala [at] kul.pl