The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) – formerly the Catholic University of Lublin – founded in 1918, one of the oldest universities in Poland and the only one possessing full state and Church rights. At present, KUL enrolls over 12 000 students in total, including approximately 600 foreign students in its various programmes. The university has a reputation for high standards of education and research, the profile of which is determined by humanistic tradition of the university as well as being open to the needs of a contemporary man. The university offers a very wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes in the following faculties:


  • Faculty of Humanities,
  • Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration,
  • Faculty of Theology,
  • Faculty of Philosophy,
  • Faculty of Biotechnology and Environment Sciences,
  • Faculty of Mathematics, IT and Landscape Architecture
  • Off-Campus Faculty of Law and Social Sciences in Stalowa Wola


KUL boasts a School of Polish Language and Culture, which runs highly popular summer and one-year courses for foreigners from all over the world. The university has been in an ongoing cooperation with over 180 foreign research and academic institutions. KUL has been participating in such European programmes as Erasmus+. KUL is also a member of many international academic associations and organizations, including International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), European Federation of Catholic Universities (FUCE). The graduates and the faculty of KUL hold many important positions in social, cultural, ecclesiastical and political life. Among them there is Pope John Paul II, who held the Chair of Ethics in KUL’s Faculty of Philosophy for many years.