Institute of Psychology History


Institute of Psychology was established on the field of philosophy as a part of Faculty of Humanities of Catholic University of Lublin in 1918. At that time there were two following Departments: Philosophy and Psychology. The Department of Psychology was run by Professors: Artur Chojecki, Idzi Radziszewski, Bogdan Rutkiewicz and since 1934 by Józef Pastuszka.

Next, Faculty of Christian Philosophy was set up as a fifth Faculty in May 1946. On the 13th of October in 1946, six new Departments were created in a frame of this Faculty. Among them there was a Department of Psychology. At the same time different lectures were introduced to the syllabus of studies: general psychology, psychology of will and feelings, psychology of human's character, history of psychology, experimental psychology as well as a seminar on psychology.

In 1949/50 as a result of Faculty's reorganization, two following sections were established: Theoretical Philosophy and Practical Philosophy. Within these courses, there were some psychological subjects, e.g. psychology of religion, general psychology, social psychology, psychology of work as well as seminars on general psychology and experimental psychology. New professors and lectures were employed and a number of courses on psychology field were increasing. In this time the main authors were: J. Pastuszka, M. Dybowski, W. Mielczarska, J. Reutt, N. Reuttowa.

In 1951, the proposal of establishing Psychology as a separate section was turned down by Ministry of Education. The final aim was achieved in 1957, when philosophical and psychological specialization was founded. J. Pastuszka became its chairman. The same year second Chair was established, and in 1958 two another: developmental psychology and educational psychology. Following years brought establishing new Chairs and great development of Psychology at CUL.

Nowadays, Institute of Psychology is a dynamically developing and prominent unit within Faculty of Social Science. It is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. It has established an unrivalled reputation as the degree program for young people. On the 25th of June 2005, Institute was awarded with a 5-year long accreditation. Faculty and staff members are the authors of many scientific articles, books, and monographs.