University LibraryEducational offer of KUL comprises numerous specialisations of B.A., M.A. B.Sc. and Ph.D. studies. Students have the opportunity to study many foreign languages: apart from ancient and modern European languages, students can also choose between Chinese, Hebrew or Sanskrit. 

KUL co-operates with many universities in Poland and abroad on the basis of Most and Erasmus+ programmes, to name only the main ones.

Dormitories, canteen, health centre, sports premises, university cafes and computer rooms are all at students’ disposal. Numerous solutions have also been implemented in order to facilitate education to  the disabled students. Students of KUL can receive all accessible grants and scholarships.

Careers Office of KUL provides students with any necessary assistance within the scope of vocational counselling as well as employment services.

Thanks to an incredibly creative activity of employees and students developing their passions and interests in nearly 80 scientific, artistic and sports organisations, the university is vibrant with rich cultural life. Since the beginning of the university, its authorities have paid great attention to students’ spiritual development. The Chaplaincy, which is a mosaic of many communities and activities,  gives such an opportunity of development to young people.