The history of the Faculty of Social Sciences (WNS) goes as far back as 1918, when the Faculty of Law and Socioeconomic Sciences was founded. It survived the period of German occupation during the Second World War, but was put into liquidation by a ruling of the Ministry of Education on 23 June 1949.

       The current WNS, which continues the tradition of that previous Faculty, was formally founded by a resolution passed by the Catholic University's Academic Senate on 8 November 1980, and it initially consisted of three Schools: Social Sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy. In 1981 the School of Economics was additionally reactivated. Later, the Schools were renamed as Departments and, furthermore, in 1998 the Department of Management and Marketing was founded, which, in 2008, was joined to the Department of Economics. In 2008 the new Department of Journalism and Social Communication was also opened.

      Currently, the Faculty is made up of the following Departments: