Journal for Perspectives of Economic Political and Social Integration, Journal for Mental Changes is a continuation of the Journal for Mental Changes, Perspectives of Economic Political and Social Integration. It has been issued permanently since 1995.

The intention to change the title was to strengthen directly the issue of integration and its factor which build a multidimensional infrastructure and the environmental climate for peace, social stability and sustainable development.

The Journal is an interdisciplinary forum for a research and an application concerning social, economic, political, environmental and religious issues related with macrosystem transformations. Rapid changes in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989 has been so intense that coping with them brings about many desired and undesired consequences. Mental schemes must be broken through habits, biased perception and evaluations which are to be changed in order to learn an economic behavior to be better suited to the market environment.
On its way to integration after the collapse of communism, Europe has encountered stressful events such as civil wars, regional conflicts, ethnic problems, poverty, increasing unemployment, and the closing down of many medium and large enterprises, etc. Ordinary citizens do not know how to be more constructive or how to arrive at social, economic and political consensus in the new situation. Neither do university academics posses any sure models which might lead to the new integration. Some European social and behavioral scientists, and humanists (represented by psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers, ecologists and theologians) cooperating within a kind of informal network have come to the conclusion that the main research area during the time of macrosystem transformation in Europe must be mental changes as the cognitive and behavioral base of social and economic integration. In order to address the complex problems of macrotransformation, between people working in the academic environment and others working in areas such as regional government, international and local banking, unemployment offices, trade union leadership, company management, pastoral care and church leadership are required to cooperate.

The Journal is intended to publish original theses, studies and research papers concerning economic, behavioral and cognitive bases of change in Central and Eastern Europe within the scope of global transformation of Europe. The Journal wants to be the forum, where methods, workshops, polemics, essays, reviews, projects and case studies, which promote good examples of social, economic, political, environmental or religious integration on the international, regional or local level can be presented.

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