The Chair of Sociology of Macrostructure and Social Movements was founded in June 2008 by the fusion of two separate chairs: (1) Sociology of Macrostructure, and (2) of Social Movements. The academic staff is composed of Prof. Dr hab. Jan Szymczyk who runs the unit, Dr Janina M. Zabielska, and Mgr Marek Pabich (assistant). The research agenda includes: sociology of body, sociology of power, sociology of value, sociology of sport and tourism, sociology of urban areas, the account of social life as perceived by exponents of the Center for Political Thought; the phenomenon of globalization; social diversity, social inequality; problems of poverty and social exclusion. The achievement attained within the confines of research projects has been published in editorial volume: Surveys on values. The perspective of Sociology and Social Movements. Up to now four editions have been issued. The staff participates in the research project: Surveys on knowledge by co-organizing international and national conferences, as well as by publishing collective works [eight volumes have been published until now].


Rev. Jan Szymczyk, PhD, Catholic University of Lublin Professor; Head of the Chair; is holder of the chair. His research interests include: sociology of values, sociology of social movements, sociology of body sport and tourism, sociology of knowledge. He has set up the volume: Surveys on values and is its editor. In 2016 he was appointed by the Prime Minister Beata Szydło as a member of the Center for Public Opinion Survey Board. He is the author of Elements of the Application of the Complementarity Principle. Issues of the Sociology of Subjectivity and Social Structures (2014). 


Janina M. Zabielska -  sociologist, PhD since 2005. Main interest: urban sociology; public space in contemporary cities; social exclusion in the context of participation in urban life; urban culture and the place of culture in the city; gender and feminist theory


Rev. Marek Pabich (assistant) – master of sociology, master of theology. Research interests lie within: macro-sociology, globalization, sociology of politics. Currently he works on a doctoral thesis concerning the concept of social life as perceived by the exponents of  the Center for Political Thougth.