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Compulsory health and safety training for BA and MA course students

Dear Students,

Acting on the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of October 30, 2018 concerning ways to ensure health and safety in education at universities, please be advised that students beginning their courses at our University are required to read and understand dedicated training materials available on the Moodle platform.

The training concludes with a knowledge test, the passing of which will enable you to generate a relevant certificate. The certificate (scanned copy) should be delivered to the SOHS Department via e-mail at:, or in hard copy by November 30, 2021.

NOTE! You can also get your credit for the OHS training based on a previously complete training course (e.g. for your bachelors program or other department faculty), but only if the training was provided by our University. In such case you can get your credit by applying for exemption to the SOHS Department by November 30, 2021.

Model application is available here