Church and Law 2 (15) 2013: 243-270

Criminal Law protection of life and health of a child conceived in Polish legislation


Łukasz Czebotar, Zuzanna Gądzik

The article relates to the Polish legal regulations connected with punishments for prohibited acts detrimental to life and health of a child conceived. There are widely presented problems connected with the issue of criminal liability for the crime of abortion including the historical outline of legal protection of a child conceived and analysis of prerequisites which take an abortion into account in light of legal regulation in force.

An issue of health protection was shown and proper development of a child conceived and in particular criminal liability for causing a detriment to health. The present aspect also analyses the issue connected with embryos in vitro.


Słowa kluczowe: dziecko poczęte, życie, zdrowie, ustawodawstwo polskie, aborcja, in vitro


Key words: child conceived, life, health, polish legislation, abortion, in vitro