Since the Faculty of Philosophy had only begun the metaphysics as the main philosophical discipline was taught and developed in the seminar on philosophy. In 1952 the basic shape of realistic metaphysics begins to form, when the lectures on this topic are given to Mieczysław A. Krąpiec OP, who also takes the position of the head master of the seminar on metaphysics. The Departament of Metaphysics is established by Father M. A. Krąpiec in 1956 and at the same time also the Institute of Metaphysics is called into being. M.A. Krąpiec was the head master of the Departament since 1956 till 1996. First staff members of the Departament were Ph.D. A. Stępień (since 1957 to 1969), Ph.D. F. Wilczkówna (till 1955-57), MA priest B. Bejze (since 1957-58) and Ph.D. W. Stróżewski (in 1958). Later there were the others hired in the Departament of Metaphysics: MA priest A. Wawrzyniak (since 1963 till 1987), Ph.D. nun Z. J. Zdybicka (since 1966 till 1973), MA E. Wolicka (since 1969 to 1981), MA priest R. Weksler-Waszkinel (since 1971 to 2008), MA K. Wroczyński (since 1979), Ph.D. P. Jaroszyński (since 1984 to 1991) and Ph.D. priest A. Maryniarczyk (since 1985).

When Mieczysław A. Krąpiec went into retirement in 1996 professor priest A. Maryniarczyk SDB became the new head master of the Departament. Some from the personnel staff of the Departament went off to work on their own in newly established Departaments of particular metaphysics: the Departament of Philosophy of Art (H. Kiereś), the Departament of Philosophy of Culture (P. Jaroszyński). New people came to the Departament of Metaphysics: MA Jarosław Paszyński (since 1995 to 1995), MA Paweł Gondek (since 1995), MA Arkadiusz Robaczewski (since 1995 to 2005), MA Arkadiusz Gudaniec (sience 1997), Ph.D. priest Bogdan Czupryn (since 1997), MA Katarzyna Stępień (since 1997), MA Zbigniew Pańpuch (since 1998), Ph.D. Paweł Skrzydlewski (since 1999), Ph.D. priest Tomasz Duma (since 2008) - joining the labor of the Lublin School of Philosophy and undertaking the task of popularization of its achievements.

On 8th May 2008 professor M.A. Krąpiec died, the founder of the Departament of Metaphysics and the great inspirer of research program in metaphysics, both the general and the particular ones (For the web site dedicated to Father Krąpiec, see: www.ptta.pl/krapiec).


Personnel staff

  • professor rev. Andrzej Maryniarczyk SDB, the chief of the Departament of Metaphysics
  • Ph.D. rev. Bogdan Czupryn, the superior lecturer
  • Ph.D. rev. Tomasz Duma, assistant professor
  • Hab. Ph.D. Krzysztof Wroczyński, assistant professor
  • Ph.D. Katarzyna Stępień, assistant professor
  • Ph.D. Arkadiusz Gudaniec, assistant professor
  • Ph.D. Paweł Gondek, assistant professor
  • Ph.D. Zbigniew Pańpuch, assistant professor
  • Ph.D. Paweł Skrzydlewski, assistant professor