Till 1994 this structure was named Department of Group Dynamics and Psychotherapy. In 1995 it was renamed on Department of Psychotherapy and Health Psychology. From the beginning this institution was conducted by Prof. Kazimierz Popielski.


       This Department is responsible for teaching subjects from a specific field: psychotherapy, health psychology, group dynamics, Schultz' autogenous training, basic psychological skills, master's and doctoral seminars. Great number of students from many countries: Latvia, Lithuanians, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, China participate to seminars.

       Problematic aspects bringing up by master and doctoral students in theoretical explorations and empirical research have interdisciplinary and international capacity .


       Because of Popielski's innovative and brave researches Department of PAHP is well-known abroad as the centre which have developed and elaborated the Polish variant of V.E. Frankl's Logotheory and Logotherapy , called by Popielski Nootheory and Nootherapy. He formulated the idea of "Noethic dimension of personality" and constructed following tests: The Noo-dynamics Test (T.ND), The Scale of Noo-psychosomatic Symptoms (SO NPS) (1990), Values Preference Scale (1991).


       Department team is leading investigations in such sphere as: existential - ecological conditioning of the health, noo-psychosomatic, values and their meanings in process of maturation and personality development. Moreover individual, social and cultural correlates with life of meaning are taken up. Theoretical analyses and empirical research are oriented on exploration and founding a reason to general understanding of the man as the personal subject. From this reason systems approach is preferred, at respect maintain for professional apprehension . The specificity of research is determined by the existential-cognitive approach .


       Departament of PAHP leads constant scientific and didactic cooperation with: I.H. Schulz Institute, Süddeutsches Institut für Logotherapie in Munich, Department of Psychology Faculty Humanistic in Trnava (Slovakia), Russian Population Matters Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Department of General Psychology of Moscow University, Epidemiology Institution of Rheumatic Diseases, Rheumatologic Institute in Warsaw.


       Noo-Logotherapeutic courses that lasted two years were organized and carried by Professor Popielski in following cities: Brno 1994r., Prague 1996r., Warsaw 1981, Trnava 1998-2000r. and further 2002- 2004, Cracow 2000-2001r., Lublin 2000-2001r.


       Four All-Polish Symposia from the Noo-logotherapy field in years: 1977, 1982, 1985, 1993 and four International Symposia from the Noo-logotherapy field in years: 1994, 2000, 2001, 2003 were organized.


       Manager of Department Prof. Popielski for scientific achievements received following awards: The golden badge of Polish Companionship of Psychical Hygiene(Warsaw); the Jubilee- golden badge of Polish Pedagogical Associaton (Poznań 1999) ; granted by the President of the Polish Republic Bachelor′s Cross of the Poland Rebirth (2000r.); the Great Prize of Vienna City adj. Viktora E. Frankla („Der Grosse Preis des Viktor E. Frankl - Fonds der Stadt Wien")( 2001r.), Doctor Honoris Causa - University in Trnave (Slovakia, 2001), Courtesy title of City Brodnica Ambassador (2002r.), the Medal for contributions for Siedlce's Humanities , EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION THE ODDS LOGOTHERAPY AND EXISTENTIAL ANALYSIS, Certiticate. 2002r. - The honourable President of the Institute of Existential Psychology and Noo-logoterapii - The Humanistic Faculty of University in Trnave. (2003). In the year 1993/1994. - Certificate Institute of Logotherapy in Berkeley, California;




Ks. Prof. dr hab. K. Popielski


Bogusław Block, PhD
Krzysztof Ciepliński, PhD
Lilia Suchocka, PhD
Elżbieta Masiak, PhD


Doctoral students:
Piotr Mamcarz, MA