The Departament of Philosophy of Culture undertakes investigative and didactic activities. Within the range of its interests there are topics connected with the actualization of human nature in theoretical, moral, artistic and religious aspects. Once a year the Departament publishes sequent vol-umes of two book series: „The Future of Western Civilization" (2009 volume's title: The jus-tice - ideas and reality), and „The Man in Culture" (2008 edition's theme: democracy). The Departament organizes annual international philosophical symposia, which investigate the shape of Western civilization (2009 conference's subject: terrorism). Each academic year the Departament also arranges The Jacek Woroniecki Memorial Lectures (2009 course: Friendship as the Bet-ter Part of Justice: Cicero on Making Friends by Prof. Curtis Hancock from The Rockhurst Jesuit University in Kansas City). The members of Departament regularly give lectures at European universities within the Erasmus Programme (they have already visited universities in Barce-lona, Helsinki, Lille, Murcia, Parma and Valladolid). In 2008 through the initiative of the Departament there were started the Postgraduate Studies in Practical Rhetoric. For more information, see: