The Departament of Epistemology (Haed - Stanisław Judycki, prof. dr hab.) investigates problems concerning philosophical foundations of knowledge (cognition). Papers and books published by prof. Stanisław Judycki are concerned with sources of knowledge (perception, introspection, memory, reason), epistemic justification (internalism, externalism, foundationalism, coherentionism, contextualism), relation between knowledge and the nature of human mind.


Subject of his publications is also history of Kantianism and phenomenology [see S. Judycki, Świadomość i pamięć. Uzasadnienie dualizmu antropologicznego (Consciousness and Memory. A Justification of Anthropological Dualism), Lublin: TN KUL 2004]. Dr Jacek Wojstysiak (adjunct) makes his research in the area of epistemological foundations of metaphysics and philosophy of religion [see J. Wojtysiak O słowie być. Z teorii wyrażeń egzystencjalnych i ich filozoficznego zastosowania (On the Word Be. Some Elements of the Theory of the Existential Expressions and Their Philosophical Application), Lublin: TN KUL 20050]. Research done by Dr Arkadiusz Gut (adjunct) is concerned with the discussion about the relation between knowledge (thought) and language; he also investigates historical foundations of analytical philosophy [see A. Gut, Gottlob Frege i problemy filozofii współczesnej (Gottlob Frege and Problems of Contemporary Philosophy), Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL 2005]. Mgr Roman Schmidt (assistant), who prepares his dissertation, analyses connections between philosophies of F. Brenatano and E. Husserl and different philosophical currents in Poland (especially K. Twardowski and his school).


In the future the Departament of Epistemology plans to continue research in the area of the history of phenomenology, Kantianism and neoscholastic philosophy and to undertake the problem of epistemological foundations of metaphysical and religious beliefs. Members of the Departament of Theory of Knowledge collaborate with Husserl-Archives in Leuven (Belgium).