Anna Bondaruk, Full Professor


Fields of interest: theoretical linguistics, comparative linguistics, generative linguistics, syntax, Minimalist Program

Current research: Polish syntax, psychological predicates, Adversity Impersonals

International cooperation: Fulbright senior fellowship (2001), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grant (2002-2003), main investigator in the National Science Centre grant no. 2014/15/B/HS2/00588




Wojciech Guz, Hab. PhD


Fields of interest: spoken Polish, corpora, language variation, complex sentences, clause combining

Current research: non-canonical uses of Polish complementizers (esp. ‘że’), direct quotation strategies in Polish

International cooperation: member of Slavic Linguistics Society and Societas Linguistica Europaea




Wojciech Malec, Hab. PhD


Fields of interest: language assessment, criterion-referenced testing, web-based test development, learning management systems

Current research: generalizability theory approaches to classroom-based assessment

International cooperation: Swansea University, UK




Ewelina Mokrosz, PhD


Fields of interest: generative syntax, Minimalist Program, information structure, comparative clauses, conference interpreting

Current research: comparative clauses, relative clauses




Anna Prażmowska, PhD


Fields of interest: theoretical linguistics, generative linguistics, syntax, translation studies
Current research: Polish syntax, coordinate structures, subject-verb agreement