• Electrical Geodesics Inc. 128-channel amplifier suitable for ERP measurements
  • 3 electrode caps (128 channels each)
  • 64-channel active electrode system with caps of different sizes
  • 3 MacPro workstations for data analysis
  • Millisecond-precision synchronisation with E-Prime and PsychoPy stimulus presentation environments
  • NetStation 4 and EEGLab analysis software



  • High precision eye tracking device
  • SMI iView X Hi-Speed uses non-invasive method of acquisition of eye movements by means of corneal reflex
  • 1250Hz tracking rate, 0,5 ms latency and 0,01° standard error.
  • Precisely synchronised with EEG and physiological signals aquisition


Remote eyetracker

  • SMI RED500
  • 500Hz maximum tracking speed
  • Allows free head movements while seating


Eye tracking glasses

  • SMI ETG 1.0
  • Does not have restrictions on movement of the participant
  • 60Hz tracking speed
  • BeGaze data analysis software


Psychophysiology measurements

  • Biograph Infinity FlexComp for Thought Technology is a psychophisiological acquisition device suitable for scientific and bio- / neurofeedback applications
  • Allows acuisition of 10 channels of physiological data with maximum sampling rate of 2048Hz
  • Available transducers include:
    • EMG
    • respiration
    • heart rate (BVP)
    • temperature
    • EKG
    • RSA and HRV
    • EDA
    • EEG


BIOPAC MP-150: de facto standard of physiological data acquisition systems, fully synchronised with other neuroscience equipment, allows 16 channels of physiological data acquisition:

  • 4 channel EMG, including sEMG of face muscules
  • respiration
  • heart rate (BVP)
  • temperature
  • EDA


Video recording and edition in HD

  • 3 Sony HVR-Z7E cameras with CF recorders
  • 3 Manfrotto tripods with fluid Manfrotto 503 HDV heads and trolleys
  • 4 DMX-controlled fluorescent Elfo DL 200C lamps with dimmers 80-5000 lux@1m
  • Lightning tripods and pantographs


Audio recording and edition in 7.1

  • Digital audio recording workstation based on digital Yamaha console DM1000, AKG and Sennheiser microphones
  • Steinberg Nuendo 4 software
  • System allows audio recording and sound production for scientific needs, as well as for film and music production

Audiovisual stimuli presentation systems

  • Stereoscopic (3D) projectors with front and back-projection screens (3x2.3m)
  • Various LCD monitors with hardware-calibrated color space and suitable for subliminal stimuli presentation (<7ms)