The Authors are required to submit their manuscripts intended for publication, via KUL Journals Platform – CzasKUL, by the submission deadline set by the Editors. The manuscripts should be sent in the electronic version of a document file format (doc, docx, odt) in accordance with the basic editorial requirements.


Submitted manuscripts should be written in English or any of the other basic languages of jurisprudence. The research papers should also comply with any requirements prescribed by law for an original scientific article, review article, research statement, legal commentary, peer review, case study or popular science article.


The Authors are also required to send statements regarding copyrights entitlements and the phenomena of "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship". The statements should be sent via post to the Editor Office's mailing address by the submission deadline set by the Editors (simultaneously, a digital copy or a scan of the document should be sent via e-mail to the Editor's e-mail address). The copyright statement, as well as other statements, can be found in annex no. 2 to this announcement (Zalacznik_nr_2_copyrights_statement_ENG).


The Editorial Board reserves the right to revise and edit the linguistic and technical aspects of a submitted manuscript, provided that the Author's personal rights are not being violated. The Editor reserves the right to refuse publication of a manuscript in case if it does not receive at least a good grade in the course of the review and evaluation process.