The College of IISH was created at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in December 2000. It is designed for talented students who want to combine BA or MA studies in one or two faculties with additional courses in other faculties. It offers, then, a possibility of getting a unique higher education that is not normally available to students in Poland, for example in art history with elements of psychology and economy for somebody who wants to be an art dealer, or in Romance and Polish studies for those who want to be translators, or in law with elements of Slavic or English studies for future specialists in international law.


Prof. Mirosława Hanusiewicz was the founder and the first director of our College between 2000 and 2006. Prof. Piotr Gutowski has been the director since 2006. Prof. Agnieszka Dziuba is the deputy director. The College of IISH operates under the patronage of the Academic Council, composed of the deans of the faculties that are involved in IISH and leading specialists in the humanities at the Catholic University of Lublin.


Students of the College study under the tutelage of 60 tutors from 17 different faculties of our university. Most time our students are kept very busy with their studies. We are proud that even so many of them find time to take part in conferences, publish papers, or work as volunteers. They are also the winners of the majority of scholarships in such programmes as MOST and ERASMUS as well as have received many awards from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In 2001 students of the College created their own Academic Circle, in which they have been working ever since.