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KUL is a beneficiary of the "Visiting Professors in Lublin" Competition

In May 2022, Andrew Rothwell, Ph.D., from Loughborough University School of Business & Economics will conduct classes at the Catholic University of Lublin. The scholar from Great Britain is a specialist in human resource management. His visit to the Catholic University of Lublin will be made possible thanks to the financial support of the city of Lublin as part of the pilot project of the "Visiting Professors in Lublin" Competition.

Andrew Rothwell, Ph.D., is a specialist in the field of work and organisational psychology, entrepreneurship, and human resource management. Currently, he is the director of the MSc Human Resource Management Programmes at Loughborough University School of Business & Economics. His research interests lie in employability and sustainable work, especially in the international context. He is the author of over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles, books, editorial chapters, conference papers, and articles in trade journals. As part of his stay at the Catholic University of Lublin, the British scholar will host workshops for students, conduct scientific research, as well as deliver lectures.

The "Visiting Professors in Lublin" Competition aims to support the development and internationalisation of the academic centre in Lublin. The Competition allows for the universities of Lublin, as well as the scientific and research institutes to apply for the funding of visits of recognised and outstanding scholars, artists, and business people, as well as representatives of leading scientific and research institutions and organisations. KUL was among the beneficiaries of the 1st edition of the Competition. The proposal for the visit of Andrew Rothwell, Ph.D. (Great Britain), prepared by Piotr Mamcarz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the KUL Institute of Psychology, will receive financial support in the amount of PLN 13,125.00.