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LUBLIN THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (LTS) contains the finest studies and edited collections written both by members of the Faculty of Theology of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) and by other collaborating theologians. The title of the series by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage indicates that all the books published are theological in their content but, beyond that, might be related to any of the disciplines of theology, broadly speaking: biblical, systematic and practical theology. The common factor linking all of these studies is their provenance, namely Lublin.


The Faculty of Theology in Lublin, founded in 1918, has managed to evolve its own original "take" on theological discourse. For one thing, it is grounded in personalism. This orientation is especially evident in the field of systematic theology, which even developed its own semiotic-personalistic method of research. Indeed, within academia the Lublin School of Theology is sometimes referred to as the “Lublin Personalistic School”. Historically speaking, theologians in Lublin were rather forced, due to the relative isolation of the “iron curtain” era, to develop their own original approaches. Thus, in different fields of theology they have come to present an innovative relecture and reception of various Western and Eastern theologies and theologians. Moreover, theology in Lublin is cultivated within the context of Eastern and Central Europe, as a dialogue between the Western Churches (including various Protestant denominations) and the Eastern (Orthodox and Catholic) Churches.


Until now, many publications of the Faculty of Theology at KUL have been dispersed among various publishing houses, and have thus far been written predominantly in the Polish language. Now, however, with the advent of the LTS series – publishing exclusively in English – comes what we believe will be a more methodical and focused approach. It is our sincere hope that this new series will, in the years to come, more effectively expose many important theological works to the worldwide readership they deserve.


The following books have been published in the series: