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Medal of the Ministry of National Defense for the Rector of KUL

During the solemn celebration of the Independence Day on Litewski Square in Lublin, the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, Rev. Prof. Miroslaw Kalinowski, was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit for National Defense by the Ministry of National Defense.

In the laudatory speech read by the Commander of the 1st Military Clinical Hospital in Lublin, Colonel Dr. Aleksander Michalski, the award is connected with the fact that "the Catholic University of Lublin has proved on many occasions and in various ways its role in building patriotic attitudes, starting from its beginnings in 1920, when in July and August its students supplied volunteer formations in the face of the Soviet invasion, and ending in modern times, when the unique concept of military education of students in the form of the Academic Legion became a pathway for them to territorial or professional military service".

I would like to thank Rev. Rector, who understands the necessity of forming patriotic and defensive attitudes. The Rector proved his efficiency in deciding and organizing the medical studies and the Faculty of Medicine, fulfilling the decisions of the Senate before the Second World War", emphasized Colonel Michalski.

The award was handed over to Rev. Prof. Miroslaw Kalinowski by the Governor of the Lublin Voivodship Lech Sprawka and the Director of the Military Medical Service Department Dr. Aurelia Ostrowska