What do our Erasmus students think about KUL, Lublin and being here?


The winner works of the 2017/2018 competition

(2-week intensive course of Polish_for_ex-Erasmus_students)


1. Hygerta Sopaj (from Albania; studied Biotechnology; 2017/2018)



2. Şükrü Umut Sayin (from Turkey; studied Law; 2016/2017)

The winner work of the 2016/2017 competition:


1. Elena Bolea (from Moldova; studied European Studies; 2016/2017)



The winner works of the 2014/2015 competition:


1. Agne Abelkyte (from Lithuania; studied Journalism; 2014/2015)



2. Fabiola Scardigno (from Italy; studied Law; 2014/2015)



The winner movies of the 2013/2014 competition:


1. Jose Antonio Moreno Martinez (from Spain; studied psychology; 2013/2014)




2. Miloslav Slavik (from Slovakia; studied theology; 2013/2014)







Students' opinions from previous years





Erasmus movie (Starring: Reka, Anita and Zsigmond from Hungary, Francesca from Italy and Ondrej from Czech Republic)




Kata from Hungary

Jennifer from Germany

Maria from Spain

Roberto from Italy


Paolo from Italy

Riccardo from Italy