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New project "Through the Eyes of Students" for candidates and students at KUL

An interview with Michal Dziubii, a first-year journalism student at KUL, about the challenges for university candidates and his original project "Through the Eyes of Students"

Michal Dziubii is from Lviv and is studying first-year journalism and social communication in English. How did he choose the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and where did he get the idea for the project in supports of applicants?

Why did you choose the Catholic University of Lublin? What made you study journalism and social communication?

After a four-month internship as a journalist, I understood that I wanted to develop in this direction. However, I was looking for studies exclusively in English. I chose the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) and it was the best decision i had made among other possible ones.

What was your first impression of the Catholic University? Did anything surprise or amaze you?

I have plenty of positive experiences to share. It turned out that the Catholic University of Lublin is not only about studies. Spirituality plays here very important role. The academic ministry was a great support for me at the beginning. In September I joined a group of youth for hiking in the mountains, there I met many new people. It was the best way to start a new academic year!

What problems did you face at the beginning?

I can't hide that I was troubled by the number of questions, related to studies. I didn't know what to expect? How complicated will these studies be? I sought answers from students or graduates of journalism. I relied on their experience and opinions. This helped me a lot in my adaptation.

Tell us about your project? Where did the idea come from?

It was my experience of adaptation in college that became the starting point of the project " Through the Eyes of Students". I'm going to implement it with the Academy of Modern Media and Communication of the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). It has only one goal – to help candidates make exactly the right decision, and it covers almost all faculties at the university. In addition, it is intended to help manage stress and trouble in the first moments at the university, it presents the entire study program through the EYES OF STUDENTS, and it opens up a new opportunity for candidates to contact the FACE of the chosen faculty, that is, the person who will provide informational and emotional support to the new candidate.

Do you have other ideas on how to help candidates and students?

There are plenty of ideas, but the idea – is only 1% of success, the rest 99% - is implementation. Therefore, I invite all students who would like to support the project – to join. We will elaborate, in my opinion, an important value for candidates – an integral and supportive community of KUL students.


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