The “PHILOSOPHY” faculty from this year onward conducts in-resident studies of the first degree (licentiate, bachelor’s degree), which will be continued in the form of the second degree (master’s degree). In this transitory period there are still uniform master’s studies (for full-time and extramural students). The Faculty conducts doctoral and post-graduate studies.


Their curricula are carried out in three groups: university subjects (The Bible – its essence and role in culture, Catholic Social Doctrine, and modern languages), subjects common for the whole faculty (among others, metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, general methodology of the sciences, general and particular ethics, history of ancient and medieval philosophy, history of modern and contemporary philosophy), and optional subjects within particular specialisations. The breadth and wealth of the didactic programme and research conducted by the staff of the Philosophy Faculty provide an opportunity for its students to specialise in very many areas. Specialisation is possible at the Department of Theoretical Philosophy within the following thematic blocks: logic and computer science, history, metaphysics and anthropology, social and political philosophy. At the Department of the Philosophy of Nature and Natural Sciences there are two chairs: philosophy of inanimate nature and philosophy of animate nature. Moreover, the two departments offer lectures in foreign languages.

Master’s studies for extramural students are based on students’ individual work. They meet and consult their lecturers and take exams. In consequence, these courses call for self-study on a given material designed by appropriate syllabuses.

Doctoral studies last 8 semesters (4 years). Their syllabus include monographic lectures and other classes chosen with a view to a doctoral dissertation. Furthermore, a doctorate student is obliged to participate in a doctoral seminar, where he presents the results of his research on his doctorate.

Post-graduate studies are initiated with respect to a given demand. At the moment, the Faculty conducts the following Post-graduate Course: teaching natural sciences at a primary school. The Faculty organises also three-semester-long Post-graduate Philosophical Studies for, among others, future philosophy teachers.