The fifteen faculty members of the IBS/CUL are constantly conducting scientific research in the spirit of the best Catholic tradition of biblical exegesis. In fact, in recognition of the high scholarly level of teaching and research, the professors of the IBS since 1965 have been regularly appointed as members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission; currently, since 2009, this honor is held by Rev. Prof. Henryk Witczyk, the director of the IBS. These scholars who conduct all of the program’s courses and seminars are graduates of prestigious academic institutions such as the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and the École Biblique in Jerusalem. Moreover, their works have been published both in the USA (University Press of America) and by Europe’s prominent academic publishing houses such as Brill, Gabalda, and Oxford University Press.

Our faculty use a wide spectrum of biblical methods in their research (historical-critical, narrative, rhetorical) and represent diverse areas of specialization spanning the most important fields of biblical studies: Pentateuch and historical books, prophetic and wisdom literature, Gospels, Pauline epistles, apocalyptic and intertestamental texts. In addition, our teaching staff have pioneered a program – unique in Europe – of translating targumic texts, and they also engage in the translation and editing of Qumran writings. In further evidence of the serious and dedicated scholarly work conducted at the IBS are two biannual biblical periodicals, The Biblical Annals and Verbum Vitae. The IBS also sponsors two recognized series of biblical books, namely Analecta Biblica Lublinensia and Studia Biblica Lublinensia. Also, in the autumn of each year the IBS organizes an international conference which brings together a host of speakers of worldwide reputation. Finally, our faculty members disseminate their expert biblical knowledge through popular lectures delivered regularly via the Biblical Television University, a program founded in 2012 by the present director of the IBS and operating under the honorary patronage of Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

One further advantage of studying at IBS/CUL is the competitive cost of our programs. The course of studies of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin costs significantly less than comparable training at other Western European academic centers. For instance, the cost of room and board in the dormitory for clergy amounts to 2200 EUR for nine months of the academic year 2015/2016. At this dormitory, the theological department also offers spiritual formation and guidance from appointed spiritual directors.

Studies at the IBS/CUL guarantee a high quality of specialized biblical knowledge in accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Interested persons may also obtain the preparation necessary for ministry in the biblical apostolate, at either the diocesan or national level. Above all, studying with us will prove a great intellectual adventure, a challenge and a journey in which you are sincerely invited to share!