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Service Learning in Laos: Nature conservation through Social Cooperation

Implementation of our ideas in different places around the world is becoming more and more possible thanks to the acceleration of digitization - emphasizes Prof. Bartosz Jóźwik from the Institute of Economics and Finance at the Catholic University of Lublin. Prof. Jóźwik, together with Marlena Golębiowska and Jan Kaminski, are developing the Design Thinking Laboratory at our university, which allows us to work with the Service Learning method in different regions of the world. This work and its method, the expert pointed out, has been described by specialists in the book "Design Thinking Laboratory" recently published by the KUL Publishing House. This publication, along with other tools, is available at Service Learning permit the use of knowledge, but also its utilization in practice, through work for the local community.


- Currently, while on a research internship at the National University of Laos, we have started a project with Prof. Phouphet Kyophilavong of the Faculty of Economics and Business Management to reduce environmental degradation in Laos. As part of it, we are planning joint online classes with students in the summer semester - conveyed Prof. Jóźwik, adding that the results of research conducted in the Department of International Economics on economic development and environmental degradation in developing countries, including South Asia, are being used to carry out this project. Antonina Gavryshkiv is preparing her doctoral thesis in this area.


- However, we are not limited to activities in Laos. In the near future, we want to implement similar projects in other regions of the world to promote economic development and environmental protection on a wider scale. We believe that through our activities we can improve the quality of life of people around the world - the professor added.The Design Thinking Lab provides a place for the exchange of experience and ideas. Thanks to this - together with the students of the Catholic University of Lublin - innovative ideas can be created and contribute to solving many social and economic problems. As Prof. Jóźwik assessed, cooperation with Prof. Phouphet Kyophilavong and the National University of Laos is an excellent example of this.

- We are confident that together we will be able to find effective solutions to protect and restore the natural environment of Laos. It is a great responsibility and satisfaction for us to contribute to the protection of this remarkable country and its people. We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and bring many benefits to both us and the Lao community - the researcher concluded.