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Summer Academy of Robert Schuman, founder of Europe

The Institute of Schuman's Thought organized the international one-week young people meeting near the Łańskie Lake.

Six days of living in tents by the lake, immersing ourselves in the forest surroundings. Hiking, kayaking, and a unique connection with nature. 

The project of Robert Schuman included Oxford debates and workshops on finance, economy, politics, and public speaking. The event brought together active youth from Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova. We visited lectures with the president's advisors, ministers, and diplomats. 

The main goal of the project was to spread the values of Christian democracy based on human dignity, solidarity, and justice. These values of peace and democracy were significant in Robert Schuman's political ideology and approach to governance. As the French Foreign Minister, Schuman made a significant contribution that spread the foundation for European integration.

Summarizing the project, Minister Justyna Orłowska said: "The most important thing in leading projects or running startups is feedback."


 written by our student - Mr Mykhailo Dziubii