The "CULTURE STUDIES" include studies of the first degree (licentiate, bachelor's degree). There are plans to open studies of the second degree in the academic year of 2009/2010 (master's degree). The course of the first degree ends with a licentiate essay and examination.


The graduate obtains the title of licentiate in culture studies (within a chosen specialisation). The syllabus is carried out in two specialisations: knowledge about art and sciences on religion (religion studies). The syllabus contains a rich offer of philosophical subjects, especially humanistic in the theory and history of culture, and art. There are classes concerning, among others, architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, theatre, music, and contemporary audiovisual culture. There are classes in various religions, European and Non-European languages. Moreover, students have obligatory training periods.

On 10th November 2001 the Philosophy Faculty of KUL was accredited for five years, and on 4th March 2007 it was accredited by the University Accrediting Commission again for five years.

Accrediting is a trademark of education. It is granted for a definite period. The criterion for it is at least a five-year-period of education for full-time master's studies. It is granted by the Conference of the Rectors of Polish Universities proposed by the University Accrediting Commission, and formulated on the basis of an opinion issued by an evaluating group established by the Commission.

The University Accrediting Commission grants Certificate of Education Quality following a thorough examination and evaluation of the quality and quantity of the didactic staff, an analysis of the didactic process, didactic infrastructure, and an internal assessment of didactics.