The Chair of Ethnic Groups and Civil Society was founded on the 1st March 2012. It came into being by the fusion of two former chairs: (1) Sociology of Ethnic Groups – run in the years 1990-2009 by Rev. Prof. Dr hab. Roman Dzwonkowski SAC, in the years 2009-2012 as Sociology of Ethnic Groups and Social Anthropology by Dr hab. Adam Szafrański; (2) and Social Policy and Political Ethics (run by Dr hab. Jan Mazur OSPPE in the years 2008-2012). At present Dr hab. Jadwiga Plewko holds the Chair.


The academic staff is composed of researchers who had gained their experience and academic achievement within the confines of the former two structures, and is being continued at present. The new research agenda includes fields of knowledge, that relates to various aspects of civil society: the multicultural and multiethnic conditions under which civil society exists; practical dimensions in which the idea of civil society is has been realized; non-governmental organizations and volunteer activity for refugees and immigrants; issues concerning the current ways of migrant social participation in the host countries; issues pertaining to the culture and axiological basis of migrant activity in public life. This makes up an interesting perspective for sociological and interdisciplinary surveys.

















Author: Tomasz Peciakowski
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