About the Institute


The Institute of Slavonic Studies at KUL, founded in 1989, was based on operating since 1981 Inter-Faculties Center of Research on Bizantyne-Slav Culture. Prof. Ryszard Łużny was the organizer of both institutions and also primary developer of their programs and the organizer of scientific tasks.

From the very beginning of the center of the Slavonic Studies at KUL it conducted research on the history, literature and languages of the Slav nations, usually in the context of ties with the christian culture.

Despite many obstacles to 1989, in the center of Slavonic Studies had significant scientific achievements organizing conferences and researchers meetings, the results of which were published.

In autumn 1989 regular studies  at the Direction of Slavonic Studies, have been launched at the Faculty of Humanities. Within 20 years of Slavonic Studies at KUL, at different times, was linked to dozens of workers and a study has taken more than 700 students. As a result of numerous organizational changes, now at the Institute exists four chairs:


  • The Chair of East Slav Languages,
  • The Chair of Byzantine-Slav Culture,
  • The Chair of Russian Literature,
  • The Chair of Ukrainian Literature.


Each of them leads didactic work and research in the areas within clear their names.

The Institute currently employs 18 full-time employes. In addition, classes keep PhD students and several staff of other directions of KUL. So far Slavic Studies at KUL competed more than 350 students, several of which after the completion of the doctorate, has been employed in our Institute.