Our faculty is comprised of well-regarded theoreticians, media analysts and practitioners experienced in working for - among others - TVP, TVP Lublin, Polish Radio Lublin, Radio eR and Thomson Reuters News Agency. Our Institute is organized into eight Departments with a total of 32 scholars working therein including: nine professors, twenty PhDs, and five Masters of Arts.   

The Institute organizes academic conferences, competitions and patronizes nationwide initiatives undertaken by students and local journalists: Students’ Communication Meetings (pol. Studenckie Spotkania Komunikacji), National Intercollegiate Oratory Competition (pol. Ogólnopolski Międzyuczelniany Konkurs Oratorski), Media Knowledge Contest (pol. Olimpiada wiedzy o Mediach), Film and Social Communication Knowledge Contest (pol. Olimpiada Wiedzy o Filmie i Komunikacji Społecznej), Journalist’s Day (pol. Dzień Dziennikarza), Mediatory, and Academic Journalistic Laurel (pol. Akademicki Laur Dziennikarski).

The Institute of Journalism and Management cooperates with the regional branch of the Polish public television broadcaster  - TVP Lublin, the regional public radio broadcaster  - Polish Radio Lublin, and a local newspaper - Kurier Lubelski creating media schools that grant separate certificates of completion caring for the competitiveness of our graduates.      

Our faculty as well as our students are recipients of national honors and awards as well as rectorial awards. Members of our Institute are active in various local and nationwide charities.

The Institute of Journalism and Management identifies new areas of social and cultural needs and interests in the Lublin region, Poland and Europe. It searches for the key for genuine socio-cultural revival in Poland viewing values, ethics and cultural bonds as means of integration with Europe and the whole world.   

The beginning of our Institute within the Faculty of Social Sciences of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin was the work of academics from the Chair of Sociology of Culture and above all its head late Professor Leon Dyczewski OFM Conv.. Owing to his conviction that mass media are a vital factor in individual and social development, the specialization named Social Communication and Journalism at the Institute of Sociology was established. On the 20th of February 1993 a two year course called Postgraduate Study of Social Communication and Journalism was opened.

On the 24th of April 2008 the senate of the Catholic University of Lublin passed a special resolution establishing the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

In 2019 four Departments of Management was included in Institute of Journalism and Social Communication Journalism so the name was transformed into Institute of Journalism and Management. The Head of Institute is still the same but now there are two fields of studies: Journalism and Social Communication and Management.