The faculty members at the Institute of Journalism and Management conduct interdisciplinary research on methods of social communication understood as a process of sending and receiving messages between people through different media channels. The research focuses on examining various research methods that explore the complex media reality and developing thematic frameworks for analyzing the content of various media messages. This search has either a qualitative or quantitative dimension to it  depending on the individual topics examined at separate Departments of the Institute. They range from issues like the intentionality and efficiency of communication, the perception of messages, the image of events and social groups in the media, the influence of cultural development on media messaging f. in. voyeurism, media exhibitionism, tabloidization mechanisms and elements of populism and naturalism in the press, to issues such as axiology (concerning media values and evaluation of media content) and practical journalistic workshop, as well as legal aspects of creating and using media messages.

From the beginning of its existence, our Institute has realized and taken part in various national and international research projects which among others focused on media images of events and social phenomena, and studied public discourse and communication in local government administration.