The Department of Foreign Languages, established in 1973, and currently run by Mrs. Helena Błazińska, M.A (classical philologist), is an inter-faculty unit at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

It employs 47well qualified and experienced teachers, supported by 2administration staff, to serve 6000.

Its aim is to provide foreign language courses, both modern and ancient, at all levels. It caters for students of all types, including full- time, evening, e- learning and extra-mural.

Language teaching is provided in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages.

The course programme consists of 2-4 hours per week, depending on the faculty, and ends with a final exam, checking the students’ language proficiency. The syllabus is tailored to address the needs of contemporary students, thus targeted not only at the general knowledge of a foreign language but also at the language for academic and specific purposes. Hence, DFL offers classes teaching specialist language of a given field (business, law, psychology) as a tool to build up a successful career.

Apart from regular classes, DFL is organizing events to promote languages and spark interest in different cultures. These activities include: Business Issues seminar, Legal and Psychological Forum, Session of Young Journalists, Latin Language Competition, Greek, Spanish and Chinese Days, European Day of Languages, English Dictation Contest, Great Language Competition, and many others.

DFL is an official TELC and ICCI examination centre, and has been granted a licence to hold these exams.

For the benefit of both academic and local community, DFL has its agenda, ACJ (Academic Centre for Languages), implementing a wide range of foreign language courses.