After year 1989

Year 1989 brought the desired freedom to our country. Since the beginning, KUL very actively participated in the construction of the structures for new Poland. Many employees and graduates of KUL commenced their service in diplomacy and state administration. Unfortunately, despite great teaching and scientific preparation, the University itself stood on the verge of financial collapse. Thanks to the thrift and perseverance demonstrated by Rev. Stanisław Wielgus, Rector of KUL, it was possible to effectively interest the Polish Parliament with the condition of our University. In 1991 this led to the passage of the Act on the financing of the Catholic University of Lublin from the state budget on principles similar to those which state universities enjoyed, excluding investments. Rev. Wielgus, Rector of KUL, also led to the recovery of many properties taken away from KUL after the war, including Potulicka’s Foundation. In 2008 thanks to Rev. Stanisław Wilk, Rector of KUL’s efforts, it was possible to lead to the passage of the Act on the full financing of the Catholic University of Lublin from the state budget.


In the 90’s new majors were created at the Faculty of Philosophy; Environmental Protection and Mathematics soon became the structure for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The creation of a new image of University through considerable broadening of its previous educational offer and the construction of new educational edifices played a vital role, too. Soon new educational centres were established- KUL Subsidiary in Stalowa Wola and in Tomaszów Lubelski, where students could take courses in economics, pedagogics and sociology.

Upon Holy Father John Paul II’s death, in 2005, the University Senate passed on a resolution to name our University “John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.”