14 October 2008 - 30.08.2012: vice-dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

since 1 September 2011: chair of the Department of the Methodology of Science

1 September 2012 - 14 December 2013: vice-rector KUL for promotion and international cooperation

since 1 September 2014: director of the John Paul II Institut at KUL and editor-in-chief of the journal "Ethos"


  • MSc in chemistry at the Maria-Skłodowska University; thesis: "Research on forming Fe catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis" (in Polish).
  • Doctorate at the Catholic University of Lublin; dissertation: Rationality: A Preliminary Philosophical Account (in English).
  • Habilitation at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.



Organizational activities

since academic year 2001/2002: organization of the Stanisław Kamiński Memorial Lectures:

  • 2001/2002: Barry Smith, SUNY at Buffalo/USA - „Applied Ontology. An Intruductory Course on the Forms of Social Organization".
  • 2002/2003: Richard Swinburne, Oxford University/Wielka Brytania - „The Existence of God".
  • 2003/2004: John Searle, University of California at Berkeley/USA - „Mind, Language, and Society".
  • 2004/2005: Peter Simons, University of Leeds/Wielka Brytania - „Classification, Categories, and the Basis of Being: Outline of a Metaphysical Systematics".
  • 2005/2006: Simon Blackburn, Oxford University/Wielka Brytania - „Is the Enlightment Dead?"
  • 2006/2007: Susan Haack, University of Miami/USA - „Evidence and method in the sciences: logical, social, and worldly dimensions".
  • 2007/2008: Peter van Inwagen, Notre Dame University/USA - „Being"
  • 2008/2009: William Sweet, St. Thomas University/Canada, „Meaning, proof, and religious beliefs".
  • 2009/2010 : Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University/USA, „Wandering in Darkness. Narrative and the problem of suffering; (cancelled due to the volcanic eruption).
  • 2010/2011: Linda Zagzebski, Oklahoma University/USA, Epistemic Authority.  An Investigation of Trust, Authority, and Autonomy in Belief.
  • 2011/2012: Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University/USA, „The problem of evil”.
  • 2012/13: John Haldane, St Andrews Univeristy/Great Britain, Ethics, philosophy and public policy.
  • 2013/14: Evandro Agazzi, University of Genoa/Panamerican University of Mexico City, „Scientific Objectivity and its context”, May 2014.
  • 2014/15: John Cottingham, professor emeritus of the University of Reading and Honorary Fellow, St John's College, Oxford Univeristy, "Philosophy, religion and the Meaning of Life" (cancelled).
  • 2015/16: John  Skorupski, professor emeritus of the University of St Andrews, "TheTraditionofCriticalPhilosophy", April 2016.
  • 2016/2017: John Cottingham, professor emeritus of the University of Reading and Honorary Fellow, St John's College, Oxford Univeristy, "Philosophy, religion and the Meaning of Life", May 2017.
  • 2017/2018:BarrySmith, University of Buffalo and National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR),"AppliedOntology.AnIntroduction",May 2018
  • 2018/2019: Kevin Mulligan, University of Italian Switzerland at Lugano,"Foolishness - ananatomy of cognitive vice", May2019


Membership in professional organizations

  • 1992-2002: The American Philosophical Association, USA
  • since 1998: Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL (The Learned Society of the KUL);
  • since 2000: Polskie Towarzystwo Tomasza z Akwinu (Polish Society of Thomas Aquinas); 2008-2013 and 2013-2018 member of the Board (audit comittee).