John Paul II at KUL

John Paul II's visit at KUL16th October 1978, the day of the election of Karol Wojtyła, professor of KUL to Pope of the Catholic Church and 9th June 1987, Holy Father’s visit at the Catholic university are the unique moments in the life of the University. During is visit, John Paul II met with the representatives of the world of science and academic community of KUL. In the university courtyard, he pointed out that the Catholic specificity makes KUL attractive in the whole academic family of Poland. Here he also uttered the memorable words: “University! Serve the Truth! If you serve the Truth- you serve Freedom, Human and Nation Liberation. You serve the Life!”.

There are many remainders of this distinguished professor of KUL, among others the monument unveiled at the university courtyard in 1983. The famous sculpture presents John Paul II embracing Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, kneeling in front of Him. According to art critics, this is one of the best sculptural works devoted to the Pope.

After the death of the Holy Father in 2005, in tribute to its Great Professor, the Senate of KUL passed a resolution to change the name of the university onto John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.