The scientific researche conducted by the academic teachers of Contemporary Literature Department include studying the works of 20th century literature as well as the most recent writings. These broad scientific fields are analyzed in reference to the following research streams: cultural aspects of literature, literature versus history, religious inspirations in contemporary literature, literary output of Polish 20th century emigrants with its critical and historical literary reception, and the most recent literature. The scholars of the department are dealing both with poetry and prose (the latter comprises essayistic writing). The department has been cooperating with other research centers in organizing nationwide and international conferences. Among its partners are: Polish Academy of Science Branch in Lublin, Polish Philology Department of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin and Instituteof East Central Europe. The researchers of Contemporary Literature Department have been supervising the scientific development of many foreign students. In cooperation with The Department of Theory of Literature and the publishing house of Scientific Society KUL the series of books entitled “Contemporary Literature: its writers and problems” has been published.