• dr hab. Krystyna Chałas, prof. KUL - Chair of the Deapartment

  • dr Beata Komorowska PhD- research assistant

  • Rev. ks. dr Adam Maj PhD- lecturer

  • Rev. ks. dr Mariusz Śniadkowski PhD - lecturer

Chair of Didactics and School Education was founded in 1998, at the beginning under the title of Chair of Didactics and later as Chair of Didactics and School Education. Staff members are engaged both in scientific and research work and ancillary activity for different educational environments. Research done in our Chair concentrates on the fields connected with educational changes in Polish schools.

Main research topics are connected with:

  • Experimental and initiative all-Poland works in the field of searching for the pedagogy of a village grammar school (gimnazjum);

  • Axiological basis for school education, mainly in the field of education towards values

  • Methods and forms of work with a student with behaviour problems

  • Axiological activity of adolescents

The researches are both sounding - diagnostic and projective - initiative in its nature. The main trend of them is action research. They are connected with social and cultural conditions of integral development of a child from rural areas and of village schools.

Research activity is correlated closely with ancillary activity for different educational environments. In order to do that, an All-Poland Association of Searching Grammar Schools from Small Towns and Villages (Ogólnopolskie Towarzystwo Gimnazjów Poszukujących z Małych Miast i Wsi) was created and works under the auspices of our Chair. It forms an experimental, initiative and research basis in the field of searching for the chances of integral development of a village child. For headmasters and teachers of these schools a special permanent didactics seminar and workshops of creativity are organised. A result of the first stage of the research is a monograph   „Wychowanie ku wartościom wiejskim szansą integralnego rozwoju wychowanka" (Education towards village values as a chance of the student's integral development ) published in Lublin in 2007.

Next trend of research there is a biographic research of adolescents concerning their axiological activity. In order to achieve the aim, since April 2005 three editions of competition for children and adolescents from grammar and secondary schools have been organised. Participants were asked to submit a written work on the following topics: „Moją młodość buduję potęgą dobra" (My adolescence is built with the power of good, 2006), „W młodzieńczym życiu mam swoje Westerplatte i bardzo go bronię"( In my adolescence I have my Westerplatte and I defend it strongly, 2007), „Wymagam od siebie, mimo że inni ode mnie nie wymagają", (I demand from myself despite the fact that others do not demand anything from me, 2008). Analysis of the works submitted allows describing the kind and content of axiological activity, its effects, strategies and activities. The most interesting works were published in three books edited by K. Chałas " Młodzież jakiej nie znacie" (You do not know these adolescents). So far three volumes appeared: A, B and C.

The most recent research - and a very important one - was undertaken in 2008. It concerns searching for theoretical and practical conditions of creating the identity of school. In order to achieve this aim the staff of Chair of Didactics and School Education organised International Scientific Conference „Kreowanie Tożsamości Szkoły. Historia - Teraźniejszość - Przyszłość" (Creating the identity of school. History - the present day - future). The topic was considered to be a very important one, as 130 participants appeared, 35 professors among them. A monograph on this topic is under the edition now.

Future development of the Chair of Didactics and School Education will concentrate on:

  • The basis of didactics of values

  • Creating the identity of school in the direction of undertaking the activities directed at understanding school as a centre of axiological education

The didactics dimension is also a very important one for the staff of our Chair. The Chair supervises the specialisation School Pedagogy. The basis method of work with the students is the method of projects. It is successful and very much valued by the students. The projects realised are programs and they are institutional in their nature.

The Chair also supervised post-graduate studies for school headmasters on school management (five editions). At the present day the Chair has been supervising Post-graduate studies on pre-school pedagogy and primary school pedagogy.

As a result of the Chair work several educational and formative programmes were created. All of them have been published in a series of books „Wychowanie ku wartościom. Elementy teorii i praktyki" (Education towards values. Elements of theory and practice) that were written by K. Chałas and other co-authors:

  • Vol. I Godność, wolność, odpowiedzialność, tolerancja (Self-respect, freedom, responsibility, tolerance);

  • Vol. II Naród, Ojczyzna, pokój, patriotyzm (Nation, Homeland, peace, patriotism);

  • Vol. III Wartości w nauczaniu Jana Pawła II skierowanym do Polaków (Values of John Paul II's teaching directed to Poles).

Chair of Didactics and School Education supervises also MA seminar and PhD seminar on School Pedagogy. So far six doctorates have been granted, among them one abroad (in Slovakia).

Close co-operation has been also established and is cherished between the Chair of Didactics and School Education and Polish Ministry of Education. The chairperson of the Chair, Professor K. Chałas is a ministerial expert on school programmes. She is also a member of commission evaluating programmes of two-faculty studies. 



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           (Translated by Ewa Domagała - Zyśk)