Department of Employees Management of Organisation in Faculty of Social Sciences at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin was established in 2014 when the structure of Institute of Economy and Management was reorganized.




The field of scientific interests of Department of Employees Management of Organisation is connected to the wide range of methods of employees management in the different types of organisations.

The current research subjects of the employees of Department are as follows:


  • knowledge management
  • talent management
  • employees management of organisation
  • management by values
  • risk management in organisation
  • operational risk management
  • quantitative and qualitative methods in risk management



Staff hours:


  dr hab.  Grzegorz Zasuwa


  Friday           hours: 10.50 - 12.20     room:C-420



   dr Agnieszka Marek


  Monday         hours: 15.50 - 17.20     room:C-420



   dr Joanna Niewiadoma


  Tuesday         hours: 10.50  - 11.35   room: C-420


  Wednesday    hours: 10.50  - 11.35   room: C-420



  dr Grzegorz Wesołowski


  Thursday       hours: 14.10 - 15.50     room:C-420