Head of Department of Media Workshop and Axiology - Professor Jacek Dąbała 



E-mail: dabalaj@o2.pl


Professor Jacek Dąbała is a professor, novelist, screenwriter, and a former TV and radio journalist. He is the head of the Chair of Media Workshop and Axiology at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. He has broad academic interests ranging from media and communication studies to literature and film criticism, with the core of his research and teaching being the practical application of communication skills in various media environments. His main thematic areas are: media studies, axiology of media, journalistic workshops, phenomenology in media, dramaturgy in media, rhetoric of communication, theory and practice of creative writing, analysis of modern literature and film, theory of literature and the television techniques of self-presentation, communication in medicine, journalism and art of communication in leadership and management, art of combining communication, knowledge, competence, and skills.


He conducts courses on:


Major contemporary literary trends (lecture) 

Creative Writing in contemporary media (lecture) 

Creative Writing and Savoir Vivre in Media (workshop)



Marek Gędek, Ph.D., assistant professor 


He is a specialist in Public Relations. His main academic interests focus on advertising marketing, media economy, public relations, human resource management and business ethics, however, he also studies maps as forms of communication. He combines both theoretical and practical backgrounds as he has worked for major Polish newspapers like Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzeczpospolita and a major Polish bank Pekao S.A..


He conducts courses on:


PR and Advertising (Workshop)

Advertising in Media   



Stanisław Dunin-Wilczyński, M.A., research-and-teaching assistant


He is a practising translator of commercial media and advertising texts from English to Polish. His main fields of interest are media English, literary and film criticism. He is writing a PhD dissertation on the rhetoric of suspense in media.   


He conducts courses on:


Media English (workshop)

Creative Writing in contemporary media (workshop)

Major contemporary literary trends (workshop) 


Robert Furmańczuk, M.A., research-and-teaching assistant


He is a practising reporter and correspondent for Reuters News Agency. As a reporter, he worked for TVN, TVN24, Polsat and TVP Lublin. His research interests focus on the workshop of a TV presenter.


He conducts courses on:


Journalistic Workshop 

Contemporary Television Systems 

Press Agencies 

Archivization of Audiovisual Materials