The Departament of the History of Philosophy in Poland was established in 1989. Its Departament was Abp Prof. Stanisław Wielgus, and since 2006 the Departament has been Departamented by Rev. Prof. Stanisław Janeczek.

The Departament conducts studies on the history of philosophy in Poland against the general history of Europe. It tends to show the specific character and historical, philosophical, and cultural conditions, the inspiring function of philosophy in the history of culture and social life in Poland. The studies have a twofold character. They focus on the edition of medieval and modern philosophical and theological manuscripts, and the analysis of philosophical culture in Poland, mainly medieval, enlightenment, and contemporary culture. Educational and intellectual references of philosophy are highlighted. With regard to the learned activity in the realm of medieval culture its varied roots are studied (the Greek and Roman, biblical, Islamic, and Jewish traditions) and the complex forms of expression (religious, philosophical, natural, and legal culture). The studies concerning philosophical culture, from the Middle Ages until now, show in particular its presence in school didactics, a fact that calls for analyses from the history of philosophy, history of science and education, especially from the period of the Enlightenment.