History of the Department of Experimental Psychology


The Department of Experimental Psychology exists at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin since 1951 and is one of the oldest in the Institute of Psychology. Research and teaching areas of interest were defined by professor Mieczysław Dybowski, who was also the head of the department at that time.


During the years from 1964 to 1967 pr. Zdzisław Chlewiński was a temporary head of the department. He began teaching the experimental psychology according to American manual by R. S. Woodworth and H. Schlosberg, the most up-to-date in those days. Since 1974 he was the head of the department for the next 25 years, at first with a docent degree, since 1988 as a professor. Professor Chlewiński set three rules of conducting research, that are applied to this day: we work in team, we collaborate with researchers at home and abroad and our research is interdisciplinary.


A breakthrough in the history of the Department of Experimental Psychology was the opening of the Laboratory (Neuro-Psycho-Physiology Lab, later changed to Perception & Cognition Lab) on 24 November 2008. Professor Piotr Francuz received an investment grant (Ministry of Science and Higher Education No. 187/03/E-333/S/2007-1): A laboratory dedicated to research on multimedia, which allowed for the purchase of modern research apparatus.


Due to the development of the Lab, currently psychophysiological research is strongly represented. We are interested in the neuronal correlates of cognitive processes such as perception, imagery, memory or attention. Research in these areas is mainly carried out using the EEG/ERPs techniques and eyetracking.


Our team consists of passionate people, fascinated by both science and the issues they teach. We share epistemic curiosity and intrinsic motivation to engage in effortful cognitive endeavors, which results in formulating new research questions and constant development of teaching methods.