The Department of General Psychology was created in 1934 in the Faculty of Humanities at the Catholic University of Lublin.  At that time its first head of the Department was Fr. Prof. Józef Pastuszka, who fulfilled this function until the time of his retirement in 1969.  Presently, the Department of General Psychology functions within the Institute of Psychology. Its head from 1981 to 2008 was Fr. Dr. hab Zenon Uchnast, from 2008 to 2010 Dr. hab. Stanisława Tucholska, from 2010 to 2012 Dr. hab. Stanisława Steuden, and currently from 2012 Dr. hab. Mariola Laguna.


Studies undertaken concerned, among others: psychological norm, psychological measurements of adequate functioning, personal competencies (self - actualization through cooperation, personal empathy, personality resilience), temporal competencies, working out and applying methods of quality analysis of the structure of personality experiences of life events, literary and narrative works, specifying personalistic approach in psychology of character (contemporary typologies and survey methods), theoretical basis for research and operationalization of coherent and narcisstic character personality assumptions.  In theoretical and research works, trends in character psychology, phenomenological-existential, ecological psychology, humanistic and personalistic issues were undertaken.


Important Past Accomplishments:

  • Elaborating on the theoretical basis of psychology as a humanistic science and working out research methods for empirically verifying the hypotheses formulated in this paradigm;
  • Psychometric elaboration on the methods of psychological diagnosis for measuring the subjectivity of a person, realization of self, self-acceptance, feeling of security, personality resilience, personal empathy, character types, temporal competencies;
  • Methodological elaboration of the psychological model of the quality analysis of written reports concerning experienced life events;
  • Organization of the academic conference entitled "Psychological Norm."  Materials from this conference are published in: Uchnast, Z. (ed.) (1998). Norma psychologiczna.Perspektywy spojrzeń (Psychological Norms. Perspectives of Viewpoints). Lublin: TN KUL.
  • Organization of the international academic conference entitled "Psychology of Time."  The extended materials from this conference are published in: Uchnast, Z. (ed.) (2006). Psychology of Time. Theoretical and Empirical Approaches. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL.