Instructions for authors

The submitted text ought to contain the following:

Name and surname of the author(s) beneath the title;

Detailed address including e-mail;

Title of the publication;

Text of the study consisting of the following sections (does not refer to reviews and short scientific announcements):


-  ABSTRACT i.e. a concise presentation of the paper’s content, ca. 100 words long and featuring key words;








-  STRESZCZENIE in Polish.

Length of the paper: it should not exceed 18 000 characters including tables and drawings.

Text format: MS Office Word 97-2003 (doc format). Margin set to 2,5 cm on all sides, text justified on both sides, spacing 1,5. A black and white version of the paper should be submitted.

Font: Times New Roman, 12 pkt.

Units of measure: The International System of Units (SI) should be applied.

Figures: MS Office Excel 97-2003 (xls format), black and white. Each figure should be saved as a separate spreadsheet. Figures should be incorporated in proper places throughout the text.

Photographs: JPEG, image resolution: 300dpi, black and white. Photographs should be incorporated in proper places throughout the text. Both figures and photographs should be referred to as “figure”, following the pattern: Figure 1.

Tables: created in MS Office Excel 97-2003 (xls format). Tables should be incorporated in proper places throughout the text.


References should be arranged in alphabetical order. Only sources cited in the text of the paper should be included. In-text citations should feature, in rounded parentheses, the surname(s) of the cited source’s author(s) and the year in which the source was published, e.g.: (Szelegiewicz 1968), (Remaudière & Remaudière 1997). In the case where there are more than two authors the citation should follow the pattern: (Mayoral et al. 1996).

References should conform to the following examples:

  • HEIE O. E. 2009. Aphid mysteries not yet solved (Hemiptera: Aphidomorpha). Aphids and other Hemipterous Insects, 15: 31-48.
  • JAŚKIEWICZ B., KMIEĆ K., BARTOSZEK A. 2001. The occurence of Maculolachnus submacula Walk. on rose bushes Rosa canina L. under city conditions. Aphids and other Homopterous Insects, 8: 271-279.
  • MAYORAL A.M., TJALLINGII W.F., CASTSNERA. P. 1996. Probing behaviour of Diuraphis noxia on five cereal species with different hydroxyamic acid levels. Ent. Exp. Appl., 78: 341-348.
  • REMEMAUDIÈRE G., REMAUDIÈRE M. 1997. Catalogue des Aphididae du monde / Catalogue of the world’s Aphididae. INRA Editions, Paris, 473p.
  • TJALLINGII W.F. 1995. Electrical signals from the depths of plant tissues: the electrical penetration graph (EPG). pp. 48-58 [In:] Niemeyer H. (ed.) Proc. IFS Workshop in Chemical Ecology, Santiago, Chile.
  • TOMKÓW M. 1977. Studies on the entomofauna of grey and black alders (Alnus incana Moench., A. glutinosa Gaert.). pp. 62-113. [In:] Wiąckowski S. K. (ed.) Studies on entomofauna of larch, alder and birch in different environmental conditions and its ecological relationships with insect pests of more important forest tree species, PWRiL, Warszawa, Poland.

Names of taxa:

Names of zoological taxa featured in papers should follow the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (

Names of plant taxa featured in papers should follow the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (


Papers which exceed the specified length or do not meet other requirements with respect to the text format shall not be published. The Editorial Office reserves the right to apply necessary changes to the submitted texts, as well as to abridge them.


Electronic versions of papers should be sent to the e-mail address Each author is obligated to fill in, sign and send a Submission Form to the Editorial Office at the following address:



Editorial Office

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Department of Nature Preservation

Konstantynów 1H, 20-708 Lublin, Poland



Total cost of the publication one paper in the journal APHIDS AND OTHER HEMIPTEROUS INSECTS is 100 Euro.

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