Principles of review

Submitted article is reviewed by two reviewers, who are working in other scientific centers than the autor of article.


Article in English is reviewed by one reviewer, who comes from a foreign institution other than nationality of the author of article.


At review, is the principle of „double-blind review process” - reviewer and author does not know their identity.


In other solutions a reviewer have to sign a declaration of no occurrence of a conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest between a reviewer and an author is when:

a) between them are the immediate presonal relations (kinship, legal ties, conflict),

b) between them are subordination professional relationships,

c) between them was the immediate scientific cooperation in the last two years before prepare review.


Review is written and is finished an explicit conclusion, which defines that article is acceptable for publication or not.


The conditions of qualifications articles, review form and list of reviewers is available on the journal website.


Review Form tom15.pdf Ewidencja przebiegu pojazdu